Due to an increase in requests, Dakai Photography is now offering 2+ hours mentoring sessions where you will learn anything and everything that you are needing to know to maximize you and your businesses potential. We can go over as many of the following topics you wish to discuss within the 2 hour session: business strategy, editing process, package pricing, booking your ideal clients, wedding day workflow, social media marketing, vendor relationships, and more!


These sessions are $400, and additional time add-ons are also an option. We cannot wait to book you for your mentoring session to help make sure you and your business are at their best, so that your clients have the perfect photos that they dream of having! Feel free to message us on Instagram (@dakaiphotography) or email us at Thanks so much and have a great day. Hope to hear from you soon!


oNE on ONE


These personalized, one on one sessions are procured to fit your individual business needs. These sessions begin with a Q and A segment that not only covers any questions you have, but will also be when I provide you with tips I know any new or experienced photographer will benefit from, how to market yourself most effectively, and many more fun and interesting info to make you reach your business/photography goals! After we complete the interview segment and I know exactly what you are wanting/needing to learn, we’ll leave and commence the styled shoot that Dakai Photography will have arranged so that we can shoot together and you can learn hands-on how I manage my clients and my lighting. After we finish the styled shoot we will go to lunch, edit the shots taken during the shoot and use your desired editing platforms and presets so that you can get as much out of the session as possible. And if that already wasn’t a lot, to top the day off, we will have a site and portfolio review to see if there is anything we can change or alter to make sure your marketing efforts don’t go unrewarded!


These sessions are $700 and last 6 hours. Additional time add ons are optional and available. Shoot me an email today and book your one on one, individualized mentoring session to get you to your next level!

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