Dakai Sun Rays 

Sun Flare overlays: Photoshop compatible only

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Why Sun Flares?

Why not is the better question! We created the

sun flares to give you the ability to give your

client's the most magical photos possible. With

the well lit photos that you create the simple

addition of one of our sun flares with make your

photos go from amazing to, AMAZING! So I ask

you again, why wouldn't you want that extra

magic with the convenience of our beautiful sun




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Who would benefit from Sun Flares?

The photographer or photography enthusiast who

wants to get the added benefit of making well-

captured light, in their images, really pop! We as

artists take the time to make sure everything with

our images is perfect and well-balanced. So what

are you waiting for? Take your photos to new


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When/Where can you use Sun Flares?

You can use the Sun Flares on any well-lit photo

that has the sun in it! This photoshop utility is

multi-dimensional and adds that magical, fairytale

lighting that every client wants and dreams of for

their photos! Weddings, Family Sessions,

Engagements, you name it, the sun flares will

help you create a timeless masterpiece and

capture that special moment, forever.

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Tips and Tricks!

These are some tips and tricks that will help you achieve the most realistic and magical sun rays possible!

- How you shoot is extremely important when it comes to adding a sun ray. Your subjects must be properly lit.

- In your photos, the background must be darker to emphasize the sun ray properly. This will make your sun rays more prominent and make them a lot more effective giving them that realistic look that everyone is after!

- Try to underexpose the image a little bit to ensure proper sun ray overlay. 

- Sun rays don't necessarily need to be inserted in one corner. You can use your artistic freedom to place it where you see fit within the suns range. Be sure to make it follow the suns natural light!

- Have fun with it, be the artist you were made to be and BREAK the rules!


-For Information on how to apply the sun rays tune into our soon to be released youtube tutorial!

How to use them!

step 1:select image from LIGHTROOM

*Turn on your lens correction on the selected image
*Do not apply preset/filter at this time

step 2: Export the image to photoshop

Step 3: select your desired dakai sun ray

*Drag selected sun ray to the image in photoshop

* adjust the overlay to desired location within suns natural light range

Step 4: locate layers bar in photoshop

* locate the layers bar which has "normal" selected and change it to "screen"


Step 5: save the image in photoshop

*Once you save the image from the "file" button found on the top banner, the image will automatically repopulate in lightroom

step 6: add your preset and finalize any required editing

* you may now edit your image by adding your favorite preset or use one of dakai's pre-made presets found on our website

Step 7: admire your final product

*being proud of your work is very important

***congratulations on completing your first dakai sun flare overlay!***