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Dakai Perez (Brides Specialist)

Hi!! I am a 27 year old, dork-nerd, dog lover who is an international wedding photographer. I’ve been doing weddings for 10 years. When I’m not capturing weddings you’ll probably find me fishing along the beach shores of southern California. If i’m not fishing you’ll most likely find me in my living room watching any of Harry Potter movies. Traveling is HUGE! It’s part of our job. Meeting brides and telling their loves stories in different parts of the world is what makes my job one of the most AMAZING jobs in the world. My job is to capture the brides true beauty, from the moment she’s getting ready, to putting on her wedding gown, to when she’s walking down the aisle and they see each other for the first time. Part of my job is to capture those in between moments you both have together. Capturing the groom being a dork or kissing your hand while your dancing to your favorite song. We live for CANDID moments, we want to capture fragments of time along with authentic moments to make your memories last forever..


Matthew Morse (Grooms Specialist)

I am a 24 year old who is in to art of all mediums and superheroes. I have been trained by the most talented and creative photographer in the world - Dakai. When I’m not busy shooting weddings you’ll probably find me by the ocean or posing for the camera. I specialize in grooms on the big day mostly because grooms tend to be more vulnerable during this pivotal moment in their lives and I’m able to capture those precious moments when guards are let down and memories are made with their groomsmen. There is just something special about capturing a groom with his groomsmen drinking beer and sharing their favorite stories. One of the most special moments however happens when the groom is anxiously waiting with anticipation at the alter. The seconds that feel like an eternity waiting to see the person that they are going to marry. The tears that are shared when they are able to hold each other in their arms for the first time that entire day. Those moments are the moments that you want to have to reflect on and cherish with your spouse and family, forever.


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