Keep your eyes open, keep your heart warm 

Thank you for being here. Yes, being here shows me that you are ready to learn and ready take photography to another level. I am not here to say that I know everything or THE ONLY WAY TO SUCCEED IS MY WAY. No, I am here to open my heart up and share 1000% of myself. I am lucky enough to have Hnery to team up with me on this special project and I hope to see you guys all there at THE WARM HEARTS WORKSHOP. 

Photographers/ Host 


Henry Tieu

Hello friends. My name is Henry and I am a nurse turned photographer. Photography has changed my life and changed the way I look at the world. Believe it or not, I've been living in the PNW for 8 years but I had never appreciated how beautiful it is until I started photography. So yes, when I am not holding my stethoscope and take care of patients, I will be holding my camera and take care of my soul as well as my couples' souls. 

At this workshop, I will be 1000% transparent. I will share with you how I started, how I learned, tips and tricks on social media growth, and how I've become an adventurous wedding and elopement photographer within less than a year. We will laugh together, and cry together. We will hang out and drink some beers over camp fire and we will get personal. Get ready to open your warm hearts up to me as well :) 



Dakai Perez

Hello, I'm a Southern California wedding photographer. I've been doing wedding photography for about 5 years now. My favorite part of being a photographer in California is that I get to capture not only the sunny side of California but the warmth that couples have for one another. In this workshop I will teach you how to bring out that warmth from your couples. I will also teach you how to capture the best light and how to become one with the water. (samples are down below) Come and hang out with henry and I, and maybe have some margaritas and chips. Let's create memories for a lifetime!  

The workshop


June 19th - 22nd 



Manzanita, oregon


+Food, snack, and lots of booze 

+Presentations from Henry + Dakai: tips, tricks, social media growth, portfolio building, building your brand, and more

+Surprise guest speakers

+2 Styled Shoots 

+Editing parties

+100% Transparency. Yes, literally. Ask us anything you want to know

PRICE: 1'200

50% Is due when booking.



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